About Fragonard

Fragonard is one of the most famous and oldest perfume brands in Grasse (Southern France) - the perfume capital of the world. Known as the perfume of the French, Fragonard has 3 perfume manufacturing facilities in Côte d'Azur and a perfume museum in the heart of Paris.

With nearly 100 years of age, Fragonard holds the secret to creating premium, captivating, and elegant fragrances that are distinctly French. Fragonard's perfumes are renowned for being extracted from herbs, plants, and flowers grown in the vast flower fields of France, creating thousands of fragrances loved by the French. Among them,
Fleur D'Oranger by Fragonard is rated by French perfume artisans as one of the "best-smelling orange blossom scents in the world".

For the first time, Fragonard has officially made its presence in Vietnam through
Mystique Parfum & Café - Mystique welcomes the full presence of Fragonard, with a product display space and an area for customers to directly experience the fragrances.

Lilas - Flower of 2024

In 2024, Fragonard celebrates the lilac! Embodying spring and the gentle rebirth of gardens, lilac symbolizes romance and purity. Its delicate clusters adorned with bell-shaped flowers display a variety of colours, ranging from pure white to deep purple. Like a delicately beaded flower, it emits a fragrance that is simultaneously fresh, green, and powdery.

The Wood Collection

A symmetrical response to the Floral, the Wood are soliflores with intense and deep notes. Usually used by perfumers as base notes, the woody essences create a range of mixed eaux de toilette with elegant scents.

Home Scents

Perfumed flames, scented diffusers, and precious sprays: a wide range of olfactory signaturesfor your home.

Essential Cares

Fragonard is proud to present its first CosmosOrganic certified cosmetic line. Obtaining this reference label certifies the organic origin of the product's ingredients.

Fragonard Soaps

The soft, creamy suds of these artisanally manufactured soaps soften and scent your skin.